Search Engine Optimisation (Optimization)

Mar 4, 2009
Hello, Hello. Is anyone there?
That is, exactly, what a business website can feel like if it has not been optimised for search engines.

You may have a great product or service to sell. You may, even, have the world’s greatest looking website, but, if no one knows you are out there, in World Wide Web land, you have wasted a potential chance to reach, tens, hundreds or, perhaps, thousands of new customers. Not very good for business and not very good for you.
But, I hear you say, the internet is supposed to be where everyone goes these days to check and buy products. Yes it is.

"But, we set up our website months ago. Colin (our sales rep) is really into computers, so, he was asked to set up our company site and the website looks great. So, why aren’t we inundated with clients?"
"Did, er, Colin use SEO when he designed your website?"
"No, he used a computer."

Search Engine Optimisation:
Search engines collect information from websites to enable them to increase the relevancy and speed in which it can supply results when a search term is entered. Your business website must provide content on your website that allows search engine crawlers (spiders or bots) to discover exactly what you are selling or the service you are providing by regularly updating the contents of your web pages, which must include keywords and phrases relevant to your business. This is known as making your website search engine friendly. This then allows search engines to place your website in the correct results category and at an appropriate level or page ranking. Search engines display results in the order that they view to be the most pertinent to the searchers requirements.

Bearing in mind that a website that is updated with appropriate content frequently will have a page ranking much higher than a website that had perfectly adequate search engine optimisation in place when it was set up in 1998, but, that has not been updated since.

UK internet marketing (UKIM) are specialists in search engine optimisation for business websites and by designing or editing your website they can improve your page ranking, making your website appear higher within the natural search results and increase visitors to your website, thus, improving your return on investment and letting poor old Colin back to what he does best, selling your products.


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