How to ride the social media wave

Mar 29, 2009
By: Guy Allon

We have entered the era of the web 2.0 and for those who never really got it, never understood it and decided to ignore it STOP right there!

And stop thinking that way! Embrace this moment because now is the chance for you to emerge in the social media scene. If you miss this opportunity then you'll be kicking yourself for not starting it sooner. This is your opportunity to get in while it's still in its infancy, at ground level.

Social media is the hottest area of web development at the moment. It has the highest valuation and is worth a lot of money.

I have recently listened in to a webinar spoken by Perry Belcher, a cracker of a guy (in British terms it means outstanding ;-)) who runs one of many websites called winning at social media. In it, he talks about how social media transcends everything that media stands for today, including the internet and how major advertisement companies are clawing at ways to make social media work for them since they see it as a giant tidal wave waiting to be unleashed but are still unsure of how to use it.

Perry Blecher went on to say that social media is becoming such a powerful force that as an individual it gives you a greater advantage over a lot of companies out there who are looking to spend a lot of money on it. According to statistics only 16 about you and 20% about what you do. Your house (blog) should convey to your friends the type of person that you are by the pictures that you hang on your walls, the sports gear you store in your closet, the DVD collection you have on your shelves and the type of food you store in your fridge (yummy). In other words share with your audience your interests and passions in life. Humanize yourself and allow your visitors to get to know the real you first and foremost.

Once you establish a rapport with your visitors and they get to know you a whole lot better wait for them to ask you what it is that you do. Then and only then you can begin promoting whatever it is you are looking to promote in the first place. Patience is the key to networking wisely.

So now that you are ready to get socially networking it's time to find out about the next step to riding the social media waves...

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Having recently set up his own blog, Guy Allon, a film producer by trade, is on a mission to convert those out there who are new to the web 2.0 concept to get their own blogs up and running and onto the path of success. Visit his blog at

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