Create a Website For Your Dollar Store Business

Mar 8, 2009
By Bob Hamilton
The day of claiming you don't know the internet and therefore don't need a business website is long gone. So too is the excuse that you are just a dollar store business so no website is needed. In today's marketplace shoppers routinely refer to the internet when they have questions about the location of your store, or your phone number, or even your operating hours. Don't lose customers to the competitor down the street by not having a website for your store. It's easy to create and maintain a simple site. If you don't have the skills a basic website is relatively inexpensive to have created for you.

Be sure to include the basic information about your dollar store business. That includes name, phone numbers and address. Many will be seeking your hours of operation, so include that information. Be sure to keep it updated as hours change throughout the year. Don't forget to include driving directions as well. After all one of your goals is to make it easy for shoppers to find you.

Once you've included the basics, think about other information to include. For example, do you have a store slogan? If that slogan is something like 'The place you can get everything for a dollar' or 'the store where your dollar goes a long way' or whatever it might be, include that at the bottom. A well developed slogan can be just the thing to motivate customers to enter your dollar store business.

But don't stop there. Another great enhancement could be to include information about upcoming special events in your store. If you have a sidewalk sale coming up, include the dates and some details. Include information about special purchases you've made for the event, or possibly activities that will occur. Let your website provide shoppers with a reason to come to your store.

Finally consider placing newly arrived products on your website. A short description accompanied by a good photo of the most popular items can really enhance the impact of your website. Even more, this can be just the thing to prompt shoppers to return to your store.

Your dollar store business needs to continually be in-front of shoppers and prospective shoppers. A well-design website can be one of the ways you accomplish that challenge. Invest to create a website for your store even before you open for business. Keep your website updated and exciting for viewers. Provide information about your store, and reasons for shoppers to come back.

To your dollar store business success!

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Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, author, writer, business consultant and trainer.

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