Making Cash With Your Domain (Parking)

Mar 5, 2009
Sometimes you buy or register a domain and for one reason or another you can't do anything with it, may be because you don't have the time to work on it or you don't have resources to execute what you purchased the domain for or just for any reason you can't make money out of it. And possibly you may get angry with yourself for embarking on a task you feel you can't finish or start to regret taking that action. Perhaps you are looking for an easy way to make money on the internet without stress and it seem no easy way. Well don't give up, why because all you need is knowledge to make good use of what ever you have. The answer to your worry is domain parking.

Domain parking is using your domains that are not in use for a website or blog or forums at the moment to generate cash through adverts that are placed on the domains by the parker website, when ever the adverts are clicked or something is purchased you get a commission from them. You can liken domain parking to land leasing (because domains have similar principles that govern land, they are referred to as virtual real estate). So you generate cash even when you are not doing the business yourself.

And as the traffic from your domain parking increases you can decide to put up you domain name for sell or continue to make more money from parking it.The cash generated can be like using Google adsense where you generate cash from people clicking the links on the adsense.


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