Samsung Unveils Solar-Powered 'Blue Earth' Phon

Feb 13, 2009
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announced an innovative solar-powered full-touch screen phone called “Blue Earth,” which fits the company's vision for environmental sustainability. Samsung reinforces its commitment to protect the environment under the slogan “The Blue Earth Dream: Eco-living with SAMSUNG mobile,” by releasing eco-friendly products as well as a program of activities for its customers. The new handset will be demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Blue Earth handset has been designed to resemble a flat and well rounded shiny pebble, and comes as the first solar powered full-touch screen phone in the world. The solar panel situated on the back of the phone allows users to charge the device enough to make any call at any time.

In addition, the company also announced that the Blue Earth has been manufactured from recycled plastic called PCM, extracted from water bottles, which is meant to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions during the fabrication process. Moreover, the new handset, charger included, does not include harmful substances like Brominated Flame Retardants, Beryllium and Phthalate.

“Samsung’s ‘The Blue Earth Dream’ demonstrates our small but meaningful commitments for the future and our environment,” said Mr. JK Shin, executive vice president and head of Mobile Communication Division of Samsung Electronics. "We are committed to achieving the highest eco-status with our customers and business partners by providing the best eco-products and promoting eco-activities.”

Blue Earth is the last addition to the company's lineup of eco-friendly products and includes a unique user interface meant to draw attention on the preservation of the environment. The UI comes with an 'Eco mode', allowing users to become energy-efficient with just one click. Moreover, the 'eco walk' function allows users to count their steps through the built-in pedometer, so as to calculate the CO2 emissions they reduce by walking instead of using motor transportation.


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