How to Get Inspiring Blog Topics

Feb 23, 2009
A blog is as interesting as its host. If you find a particular blog a little dull and boring, you can be sure its author is uninteresting and exasperating too. So when you are hosting a blog, you must try and make it as interesting as possible.

Come up with some good ideas? And do not copy others, although imitation is the best form of flattery.

Hone your writing and spelling skills, write an entry, be harsh on yourself and edit it minutely.

You may start off with one topic reflecting your own personal interest, but you can expand your horizons by researching on related links provided by others.

Sometimes people ask questions and this can start a different thread, which you can take up and weave it in other directions. If, for instance, you start a blog on foreign cinema, you may find so many readers posting their comments on their favorite movies and suddenly one reader mentions a book on which a movie is based, then that can start off a different thread and link altogether. This can be more fun than you can imagine.

If you talk about the rules to blog. They are none but commonsense. But you must always take care that whoever comes to your blog should be in a position to read it. Unless your site is password protected your content is available to all. Don’t publish secrets particularly if you are running a business site. Company’s secrets are their own. Under no circumstances they should be publicized.

It’s equally important sometimes to stick to single niche on a single blog, especially if the topic is serious. The more you research on a specific niche subject, the better topics you are likely to find. You can then write more on them.

It is always better to write your own blog entries yourself, in your own style, rather than paying blog writers to blog for you. Remember, the writer may not be as passionate as you about your topic and interest. But if for some reason, you have to get a writer for blogging, make sure the writer provides original content, and not copy-paste versions of the information freely available on the internet.

If you are still out of ideas, just visit some sites and read some discussion boards for inspiration. Make a note of the topics and points which are interesting, and use those in your posts. Give your visitors food for thought, make them think; get your message across to them and through them.

Choose topics that are sure to provoke a reaction. Many questions posted on discussion boards are left unanswered, find the ones which interest you, and use them in your blog. Most times, users try to look in the search engines if their queries are unanswered on discussion boards.

A well-written blog can give you a lot of satisfaction. You can even use it to promote your business and to advertise your products. The scope is limitless.


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