Pac 'n Roll Unlockables (DS)

Feb 10, 2009
The gaming industry indeed started with arcade games, like Frogger or Mario, but one of the most iconic series of titles developed for the big old arcade cabinets was Pac Man. The circular-shaped character that ran through a series of mazes in order to eat up all of the points and run away at the same time from ghosts has become a household name.

In order to benefit from the popularity of Pac Man, Namco decided to launch Pac 'n Roll, a video game featuring the legendary character for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. The title arrived for the DS on July 28 in Japan, on August 16 in North America and, last but not least, on October 28 in Europe, all in 2005.

Pac 'n Roll stars the iconic character in 3D form, as the player needs to roll him throughout the levels by using the touch screen and the stylus with which the DS is equipped. The classic arcade Pac man game can also be played in its various stages. Furthermore, Pac 'n Roll was released for the Wii as part of the Namco Museum Remix collection of titles.

Featuring a young Pac Man, the game takes him to Pac-Land, which is now threatened by a legendary ghost named Golvis. With the help of Pac-Land’s famous guardian fairy, Crystal, Pac Man must fight Golvis' legion of ghosts in order to save his family and, ultimately, his home. Here are some things that you might find useful.


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