Cops and Robbers Will Race in Burnout Paradise

Feb 10, 2009
Among racing games, almost all titles struggle to achieve the benchmark set by Electronic Arts' Need For Speed series, which has been one of the longest running franchises out there. But, as a bit of a surprise, the title that would make a lot of racers forget about the NFS franchise is Burnout Paradise, the latest iteration in Criterion's Burnout series, which was published by Electronic Arts.

While the game delivered a great racing and especially crashing experience through the busy streets of Paradise City, the fact that the team at Criterion improved it through various DLC (Downloadable Content) packs was something that got gamers interested in it. The standard game was top notch, but further updates like a day and night cycle, the introduction of motorbikes or other content packs made it a must buy for any true racing game fan.

Now, as the PC version of the game, entitled Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, as it includes not only the original game but also the Cagney, Bike and Party pack, has just been released, Criterion has announced that it will launch, after the other projects it has underway, like the Legendary Cars pack, yet another batch of content, entitled Cops and Robbers.

Set to introduce one of the most memorable themes in Burnout, the police, this new content pack is set to arrive “soon after the Party Pack, Legendary Cars, Toy Cars and Boost Specials” and is “dedicated to bringing the thrills and spills of cops and robbers car chases in Paradise City.” For those of you who don't know, the Police haven't been featured in the Burnout series ever since Burnout 2: Point of Impact.

PC and PlayStation 3 gamers who can hardly wait to see this pack in action can check out the screenshots posted by the development team in the Criterion Games Network section of their copy of Burnout Paradise. Xbox 360 owners will have to wait until the screens appear on the website of the developer.

So until you will be able to encounter the police, better start earning wins for your Burnout driver license.


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