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Nov 20, 2008
MATTERS security in the era of network data digitalization and now this is a requirement that can not be again. Network security devices in the network like the Internet belts at the time the drive is no longer a complementary accessories only, but to save lives when the accident occurred.
Security devices on the network also have the same functions with the belt, which may also save lives. Because of the progress of digitalization in the current overall digital data that we have is"our own lives," the price is measured in the material.
In the market now is a lot of security devices provided, have distinctive features to protect digital data not only for offices only, but also the digital data that is in the house. Often we consider the problem of data security is not something that should be there and remorse when all the data we have stolen online or destroyed because of virus attacks and spam.
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., a company engaged in network security, internet, to bring a variety of network security solutions, including the Safe @ Office 200 series. Check Point company, also known as the creator of ZoneAlarm software used by millions of Internet network users protect themselves from data thieves, hackers and spyware that are now scattered quickly.

Membesarnya same amount of data because of the growth of digital data, which exponentially, also makes the threat that we face on the computer used always connected with the Internet network. Check Point Safe create security devices, Office 200, which is intended for use on the company's small and medium scale that can handle more than 25 users.
The device Safe @ Office 200, which has a color orange Ethernet socket that is integrated with 4 cavity switches to the needs of the local network (LAN). Control of the network through the web, make this device easy to use, including access to firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Networking), which does not require a lot of determination that the configuration is too complex.
The device Safe @ Office 200 is very easy to perform various diversion of traffic data such as web, e-mail, and FTP server (File Transfer Protocol) are all behind the firewall interface. The price is affordable, making this device as an accessory important to protect the entire data we have. (rlp)


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