Need blueprint for the New Generation Internet

Nov 21, 2008
LIFE world is now very dependent on data networks that are scattered in the integrated and separately, allows anyone connected to voice and data. Telecommunications industry information is continuously generate new wave of telecommunications products and services designed to make it easier to extend human life, at least, that they say, and is simultaneously seize market share that is continuously demanded that the availability of new products.

TECHNOLOGY Internet that we know now is not the problem there. One is tersumbatnya a network bottleneck in the network system that now exists. Too many users dial-up connection, and may not be done streaming multimedia applications. In addition, addresses interenet called IP address (Internet Protocol) is also low, so the need to expand that to sustain stability in the system and data telecommunications network, which now terkonverjensi one another.

The ability of new technology called Internet2 and introduced by U.S. Vice President Albert Gore in 1998, is the first phase of the experiment to produce the next generation Internet. In the U.S., eksperiman this project is a cooperation between government and university environment, but there are also private companies that get involved, such as Cisco, Nortel and Lucent.

Technology, the Internet protocol that is used now is IPv4 (Internet Protovol Version4), which is aged 20 years or more. And as the natural processes that occur around us, IPv4, which is used lamasa at this age have continued, especially in the performance of the network itself and sustain conditions for the use of the Internet now and in the future.

Since 1996, Internet2 has been providing berbaqgai access speeds are very high for universities in the U.S.. Internet2 is the purpose of identifying technology and the application of more advanced network, accelerating the creation of an Internet network for the future.

Currently, Internet2 is not yet available to the public. Since the main purpose of Internet2 is to create a superior network capability for research and development, conducting trials on the product side and the new fiber optics, and create network services and applications for new Internet standards.

New protocol

Internet2 a day in the future will become an option for the outside of sumbatan-sumbatan caused by the technology itself. Even now there have been many discussions to the development of Internet3 processor with a speed higher than that now provided by Internet2.

One effort in the development of Internet2 is to introduce Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), is intended to resolve the problems now faced by the Internet network, especially IPv4. IPv6 technology is also important to add some expansion, such as automatic routing and rekonfigurasi network.

This new protocol will replace IPv4, but at the same time as it will be both side by side for several years until the transition to the new protocol is complete. Moreover, the sophistication of IPv6 is the ability to run an transitional mechanism that provides direct interoperability between IPv4 and IPv6. Transition to IPv6 is expected to be fully takes over a decade.

In the future, the use of the Internet network will involve groups of people in a number of very large. And yet, including this project, which is konverjensi telecommunication, digital entertainment, the device housing, the computer industry itself, and others.

What distinguishes IPv4 and IPv6 address size is clearly different. IPV technology will use the address to the 16 bytes long, causing the supply of addresses that the protocol is not limited. However, the most important of the presence of IPv6 is the improvement in the security field, where privacy and keaman is an important feature in the Internet network, which concerned all users.

Need a blue print

System data and voice network in Indonesia alone may not be far behind many countries compared with other developed countries. Konverjensi data with the telecommunications network is now something that is unavoidable, with more telecom operators began to realize the importance konverjensi itself.

The problem is, because of various regulations that overlap, accompanied by information communication technology policy that is not initiated based on a clear blue print, often confusing all parties, including the governments themselves. What happens is that the development of network system that is not restrained at all is good in the telecom operators and service providers access to the digital network, such as ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Conditions network system in Indonesia may currently be analogous to the condition of the street which is not uniform, both at the freeway and in the streets in the city. Kesemerawutan network of roads, such as two-wheeled vehicles that take the point opposite direction or walk slowly in the right of the toll road, also reflected in the data network and telecommunications that we use now.

In the world of digital network, we can see a business permit ISPs to offer access to the satellite, which should be provided by those who have access to NAP (Network Access Provider). Large companies, which should move in the network services in the first layer, with the wishes and sekenanya into the layer underneath, or vice versa.

As a result, if we pay attention to the entire force, many good scattered antenna is owned by telecommunications operators and service providers network. Because all equal to invade customers anywhere, no longer consider the principles permit the provision of network-owned.

And at a point, the condition of chaos as a result of disruption network system will harm all the parties, if not false start from the beginning. Concerned that the system is a network of data and telecommunications snarled piggledy this will trigger rontoknya various business network, which by itself will also impact on all network users.

Now the new government should be more pro-active to have this problem, enter the stage of network access and internet voice the new generation. In which the government holds the role to set the overall issue of access to this data network for the interests of many people. (rlp)


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