This is like Microsoft Office 14 Views

Jan 22, 2009
JAKARTA, THURSDAY - operating system (sisop) latest Microsoft, Windows 7, reaching a new beta version. Sisop addition, Microsoft also set up a new office suite. While waiting with anxious hope-hope, let us see the results of spying will be a new version of Microsoft Office that was undertaken by a site.

Changes in Office 14 (the code name so authorized, it is reported to avoid the number 13 is considered unlucky), probably will not seradikal Office 2007. From what is displayed, Office 14 to use the Ribbon style interface with Outlook and Visio at the end of the beneficiaries. Own looks slim. Estimated the first beta will be released in May on the future.

Curious to know what form such as Office 14? This is the result of spying, which are presented by a Russian site wzor.


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