Download the First Windows 7 Beta/RTM Official Security Solutions

Jan 5, 2009
Just ahead of the public Beta of Windows 7, Microsoft has started recommending security solutions that can be integrated with the next iteration of its Windows client even at this early stage in the platform's development. The first products designed to protect users running Windows 7 Beta come from Kaspersky and AVG, according to the Redmond company, which have promised to work with ISVs in order to produce security software compatible with Windows Vista's successor since 2008. In this context, when it comes down to bulletproofing Windows 7, AVG and Kaspersky are ahead of the rest of the security industry with AVG Internet Security 8.0, AVG Anti-Virus 8.0, and the Technical Preview of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7, respectively.

“Before you install antivirus software, check to make sure you don't already have an antivirus product on your computer. If you do, be sure to remove the product you don't want before you install the new one. It can cause problems on your computer to have two different antivirus products installed at the same time,” a message from Microsoft explains.

Back in 2006, months ahead of Vista's commercial launch, comments from Jim Allchin, the then-co-president, Platforms & Services Division, were interpreted as a recommendation that the upcoming Windows client could be run without the use of security software. Allchin subsequently clarified the issue and Microsoft emphasized repeatedly the need for Vista users to integrate anti-malware products with the operating system. With Windows 7, the Redmond company has got an early start on getting them to secure their platforms, even if the operating system has yet to reach RTM stage.

AVG is offering both AVG Internet Security 8.0, and AVG Anti-Virus 8.0 for Win7. “Welcome, Windows 7 user,” a message on the company's website reads, just above an invitation to “get Windows 7 protection” and the information that AVG has been tailored to MS Windows 7. According to the security outfit, the company's products deliver protection against viruses, spyware, rootkits, spam, but also offer Firewall and secure Internet surfing, searching, downloads, and instant messaging communications.

At the same time, the Technical Preview Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Microsoft Windows 7 comes to the table with antivirus capabilities, and additonally with an anti-spam filter and firewall. “At the heart of the new technical prototype is Kaspersky Lab’s new antivirus engine, which is even more effective at detecting malicious programs than its predecessor. The new engine dramatically increases system scanning speed, thanks to improved processing of objects and optimized use of system resources, particularly on dual- and quad-core processor platforms. The unique product architecture ensures high productivity and one of the lowest uses of system resources in the industry. The technical preview includes a highly effective heuristic analyzer. The heuristic analyzer detects and blocks as yet unknown malicious programs,” Kaspersky reveals.

AVG Antivirus Professional 8.0 is available for download here.

AVG Internet Security 8.0 is available for download here.

Technical Preview Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Microsoft Windows 7 is available for download here.


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